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Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime

Say the word and I will follow you. Love me thats all i ask of you

20 September
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Alright, it isnt like anyone can be buggered to read this anyway, so here we go. I am Renee, or Naya as most people call me. Or Queenie..as Goddess calls me. I have a lot of amazing friends, I cant even begin to touch on that subject... for mortal fear of forgetting someone and...well you know. I suppose to make highlights... Heather (aka, Jana-Lu) hanamusume, Kristi who HAS no LJ, Amy who also..has.. no LJ... and m'love, Jayness jaysoad who is amazing. Hmm... lets see...AH family. Alright, I have one mother and one father... I know.. in this day and age.. 2 sisters, Heather and Kristi. Note, this is a different Heather and Kristi than the best friends, weird huh. Heather has a baby boy...my nephew Jack, and also a husband, Neil. Kristi is 9, and thus does not have a baby of any gender. I just came to the sick realization that in 6 years 2160 dollars has been spent on AOL. Thats like... 2.75 times more than my CAR. ....anyway. Hmmm I love Julie Andrews, absolutly adore her. James Dean adorns my walls, as well as France and all things French. I speak French... and a glittering of other lesser languages as well ;-). See? i could *BE* French. Anyway... this was a bad idea first thing in the morning. Im going now... guess i'll put my face up here so's you can see me... as if you really need to. No matter. I love you Jayness!