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Mar. 23rd, 2005

Hello! I've decided I miss you all and thus my new LJ is  naya_darling   Hope I see you all there!!!!!

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

Hi guys. Im so sorry to do this to you.... but this will be my last post. Things are far too busy over here, and I no longer have the time to comment or even reply to comments.
This is nothing personal against any of you, you've all been great and I love ya. Good luck with everything and I hope to talk to you all again when I've the time to handle my end of the deal.
Alright, quick basic and to the point entry.

1. Not moving out today, moving out on Monday. Nevermind that its Valentine's day and that I definatly have plans.
2. Car no longer is an issue. Mom and dad are loaning me the money for to get the transmission REBUILT with a warentee(jay =P)...which is costing 3x more than my car... but since everything else in the car is brand new...no kafuffle.
3. Still hate my job, though its more tolerable.
4. Busy as all hell.
5. Am still not a morning person.
6. Sent Jay his Valentine's and sent one for this parents as well, it seemed to go over very nice indeed.
7. TRYING to get particular V-day gift for Jayness...not having much luck.
8. James is the best boyfriend in the universe. I realize some of you will disagree and try and place your boyfriends name in there instead, but you're wrong.
9. Said boyfriend is coming up for spring break yeehaw.
10. Watched "The Notebook" 2 times today.
11. Going to end this now so that I might take una shower.
So yes, thats my life right now. Yes I know comments are lacking, im not going to say anything accept im sorry and just deal with it... i've had a long fucking month and if there are problems its just a click away to banish me from your lives.
AND on a lighter note....Saturday is the 12th and thus marks the 3rd XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!

Happy belated Birthday to <lj user-sayyouwontcare7>

Hrm ....yes....

Feb. 4th, 2005

Give love to jaysoad ... he's having a rough week... I love you dahlin'.

Well... the idea was that I was going to wake up super early this morning, but either Jayness decided not to call, or I slept through the phone.... either option is equally plausable.  So here is my conclusion that I came to at like ... 9:00am this morning...

    I'm moving out in a week, in 13 months Im moving to Massachu.. I work in a Deli... and i've lost all writing talents.

So what should I do????? I need to make some serious changes.. .I need to get some sort of direction. I only have 2 things for certain in the distant future, and while they are...amazing things...bloody amazing things, there has to be more for those bloody amazing things to work out. One I need a career, not a job. Well what do I want to do, and what is it going to take for me to get there????

I want to write, not journalizm, Newshawk taught me I never had talent in that regard to begin with... no I want to write books. Unfortunatly I'm no good, so that is not going to happen... I need a back-up plan...perhaps a business...the cafe? That would require a few classes in Restaurant management and business...no problem... but then i was really thinking and you know what would be damned cool?

AN INN... WITH a cafe...

But could I pull it off????? I dont know... it would take years and a lot of school... do i really want to do that??? *sigh* and if i did, where??? I dont know, what I do know is that I cannot stand working in a Deli anymore, or in a theater or ... I hate odds n'ends... and i have to...MUST make more money than 6.75 an hour.

So yes.

       I...Love....Jay ^_____^

 I was in a sort of blah mood not 10 minutes ago...and now... i cant wipe this stupid grin off my face...*sigh* this is what love does to you... turns everything blissfully upside down XD ...

  I didnt get to talk to him last night, he called around 10 but I didnt get home until like 10:20 >.< damn minutes. Oh well, I suppose its good for him to catch up on some sleep ^__^. Well the moving process is coming along nicely..would be nicely-er if i would get my arse off the computer and be productive. *contemplates that a moment* .... yes.

  On a more serious note, my grampa isnt doing so well... i got up this morning to my mum telling me to keep the phone near me in case she needed to call, and shes taking him to the docs. Apparently he had a super high fever, is mega dehydrated, wont drink and wont eat anything ... i wouldnt be surprised if they took him into the hospital... god ...I hope they can help him. He's been really depressed with the Chemo and... *sigh* I love my grampa soooo much ... I remember when I was little, im not sure how old but I know I was living there with them so it was some time ago... and I was allergic to this shampoo that I used and broke out in hives like..everywhere. He sat there, by my bed for 3 days... lol gramma kept saying i was only to eat healthy food so i could get better faster.. but every night around 11:30 grampa would smuggle me vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top, and we'd have ice cream together....gramma pretended not to know lol... then I had this horrid dream about their psychotic dog Ottie and I woke up crying to my grampa because "Ottie ate my eggs!!!" ..hehehehe.LOL and when I was little, they had these candies called "chuckles" ...little gummy things... and grampa used to keep packs of them around ,and every time he saw me he would pretend to pull packs out of my ear XD lol he did that at my open house with a 50 dollar bill ^___^ but when I was little I always called him "grampa chuckles" ... XD i bought him a pack of em the other day and his eyes got all misty ^____^ I loves meh grampa

But yes... I have the day off today.... tomorrow i work 5-10 which is..you know..pointless...then sunday 1:30-10 which im SO glad for being that I got an 80 dollar check today >.< fucking Bueche's >.< Anyhow, off to be productive.



No but really, packing is a whore.
....im irritated. Nothing im not used to...somewhat crap nonetheless. im going to bed. fucking emo crap.
"Now you are here with me, no second thoughts, i've decided...decided."

Well I need to take a minute and say thanks to everyone who left me a supportive message.. you know who you are, and it meant a ton.
My father is just fine... my family enjoys terrifying me is all it seems. ...James...as always, was amazing.
I have very much of my room either packed or on my bed x.x

Tomorrow: I work 4-10
Thurs: NO WORK, PAYDAY ayayayayayayay! and also possibly going to church with Lori so I can meet this James character.
Friday: NO WORK
Saturday.... work. 5-10... pointless....pointless shift... >.< waste of time arg.
Sunday: ... Superbowl...go Patriots..hope I spelled that right x.x I hope they win, as that would put a smile on my darlings face and 70 dollars in my pocket. But i'll not be watching the game as I will be working from 1:30-10:00 x.x
Monday: I dont know lol...no schedual as of yet for work
same...goes...all week... until thurs which is payday...and then friday is move out day...saturday is a day off...and then monday is Valentine's day which i will be spending on the phone..gotta go cancel that now ....oops...bai